Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meeting quote: 3d magic

-  Why this is broken?
- "3d" is part of  that magic world where everything can happen...        ... or not. 

Photo: by the window

Loop in all objects

import pymel.core as pm
    allObjects = pm.ls( geometry=True, lights=True, cameras=True )

    for obj in allObjects:
        print obj +" is a "+ pm.objectType( obj )


MyListOfCharacter = ['CM_','CS_','CB_']
for x in MyListOfCharacter:
    print x

Get SceneName

import pymel.core as pm
scenename = pm.sceneName()

Get Date and time

import datetime
today = datetime.date.today()

Get the username

import os
username = os.getenv('USERNAME')